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Empowering Students Through Literacy

Diagnostic evaluations completed at Wellman Literacy & Learning are unique and distinctive. Information and scores are obtained from performance-based strategy assessments as well standardized tests. Using both performance-based strategy assessments (authentic assessment) and standardized tests gives a full and true representation of the student's strengths and challenges in the cognitive and language processes for reading, writing, speaking, listening, math word problems and self-regulated learning.


Performance-based strategy assessments are process or strategy oriented. They provide insight as to where the breakdown or gap in strategy development occurs to determine the 'why' or reasons behind the child's/student's challenges.  Performance-based strategy assessment is critical to develop in order to develop an appropriate and effective treatment plan.

Standardized tests are product/response oriented.  While they do provide valuable information as to how a student performs on tasks of basic isolated skills in relation to other students in the same age group, they often do not yield process or strategy based information.   

Dr. Wellman's years of school-based experience and expertise in performance-based/authentic assessment enable her to determine the break down in the cognitive-linguistic foundations that are needed to succeed in the general education curriculum.



Wellman Literacy & Learning provides direct treatment services that are delivered in a one-on-one setting using evidence-based techniques while remaining individualized, not a 'cookbook' approach to treatment.

Test scores alone do not determine treatment goals and objectives. Treatment plans are developed according to the child's/student's unique profile in the cognitive-linguistic foundation that adversely affect academic classroom performance. 


Wellman Literacy & Learning provides consultation in the following:

  • IDEA (Individual with Disabilities Education Act): understanding the process of special education; intervention, evaluation, eligibility determination and services provided

  • Development of individualized classroom accommodations 

  • ADHD's and executive function's role in literacy and learning development

  • Self-regulated learning and application of study strategies

  • Speech and language development and their role in literacy and learning 

                                     **Wellman Literacy & Learning can not provide legal advice